At EART we work for excellence...

The basis of quality... is in the materials. Our works are created with the best woods, manually selected by experts, and properly treated to avoid subsequent deformations. Instruments for a lifetime, which will acquire a settled sound over the years, thanks to the natural process of lignification. Maple, Mahogany, Ash, Alder, Okoume, Poplar, Padauk...


It offers a warm, mellow tone with excellent low frequencies, pronounced low-mids, and a soft, subdued top end. A fine wood, widely used in the construction of guitars, due to its excellent performance. One of the particularities of mahogany wood is that it offers a sound with a lot of sustain, body and deep bass. Highly recommended for metal and rock.


It is an extremely light wood, with a soft density, it offers a very dry sound and has great timbre qualities. The best Teles and Strats in history have been built with Fresno, top brands use it in their HIGHEST range guitars.


It provides a good balance of low, mid, and high frequencies, providing a full-bodied tone. It is a medium-weight, soft-hard wood with great resonant qualities. It has been the favorite wood of great builders for their guitars for many years. Highly recommended for blues, pop and rock.


We use Poplar on some of our guitar body tops. Few woods display SUCH SINGULAR beauty, since due to their IRREPEATABLE veins, all units are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. Observe it in our COSMO GW-2 model...


We use American and Canadian MAPLE. Due to its characteristic hardness, it is ideal for use on masts. However, on some models we apply flamed maple for tops that are quite beautiful. It pronounces the high mids and highs clearly, and the frequencies are clearly articulated. The maple tonewood also provides excellent separation, allowing each individual note in a chord to ring clear without getting muddy.


Also known as Basswood, it is harvested in North Africa. A wood with a reddish tone, soft grains without knots, and an IDEAL light weight for your live performances. PLUS you will not be able to believe the sustain and the balance between deep bass, warm mids and defined highs without shrillness...


Also known as Palo Rojo. produces a clear and clean sound due to its medium density. Aesthetically it is not a common wood: it is a very striking wood that gives distinction to any instrument due to the intense red color of its heartwood.