EART BRONCO TL-380, The SUPERTELE that came to stay...

The Superstrat already exists, and it is an ICONIC guitar in the history of guitars that emerged as an evolution of the Strat. Now, do you know the evolution of the TELE? Fingerboard and neck of Roasted Maple (Roasted Maple) DREAM..., STAINLESS STEEL FRETS!!! Seal-gear tuners MADE IN TAIWAN, TREMOLO ON A TELE!!! Metallic volume and tone knobs, bone nut, MINI SWITCH TO SPLITTEAR BETWEEN SINGLE COIL AND HUMBUCKER and more details of excellence. We present the EART TL-380 the SUPERTELE OF THE FAMILY that redefines the concept and we tell you as follows:


You won't find this on any guitar at this price point...Stainless steel is almost "forever" giving you UNMATCHED playability whether you're playing rhythmic or soloing like a champ...Stainless steel loves speed execution and gives greater volume and sustain (not to mention durability...). Polished BY HAND and one by one... Because no industrial process can replace the love and dedication of each one of our ARTISANS...we propose something to you: review a guitar of this price level... (the brand does not matter) ... and slide your hand along the edges of the fingerboard... Do you notice the difference?

TREMOLO (Whammy bar) on a TELE ? YES!!! and more !!!

Beautiful modern two-point bridge, MADE IN KOREA, with tremolo bar, for you to play in your own way. Impeccable quality saddles, double coil Humbuckers, MINI-SWITCH SPLIT-COIL !!! And all the premium components so you can sound the way you want in whatever style it is! The beauty of the traditional conjugated with the innovation of the modern. Try it!!!


The double action truss rod adjustment works through a thread system that allows you to tighten or loosen the rod and thus "straighten" the neck according to your needs. And we put it there, where it doesn't bother you, where you don't need to unscrew any cover, and where you can access it with AMAZING ease... at the base of the neck...